Monday, 7 March 2011

50 things ive learnt on exchange so far

1. There is no 'good seat' on a flight. You're either going to be trapped next to a window for 11 hours or get up every two seconds so someone else can stretch their legs.
2. Bring half the clothes you think you need and take double the photos.
3. Fairy bread is only common in Australia.
4. Not everyone finds your accent indearing, and almost none will understand most of the words in "Waltzing Matilda".
5. Australians really need to slow down and speak softer when they talk.
6. Never criticize any immigrant population for poor English speaking skills until you try learning a language as hard as Danish.
7. Australian's are obviously retarded for liking Vegemite, but then again, I kinda knew that already.
9. No one actually thinks we ride kangaroos to school.
10. Being able to walk out the door without having to put on ten different layers is God's gift to Australia.
11. Snow is actually one of the coolest things ever.
12. Contrary to previous beliefs, ice on the ocean is not a sign of the coming Apocalypse, even when the ice is moving.
13. Cheese in Australia is the scuff on the floor of the factory where Danish cheese is made.
14. Not every household has the same rules as you.
15. You will never understand the European traffic system. Don't even try.
16. Riding a bike isn't such a terrible thing.
17. Your family are infinitely more important than you think they are.
18. People change.
19. Trying new things is never a bad thing. Unless you're trying jumping off a building or something. Then again, if you've got a parachute and its high enough...
20. Not everyone finds your jokes funny. But that's just their problem.
21. Unlike Australia, not every country is full of retarded animals.
22. Australia is not as insignificant as you think.
23. The people worth holding onto are the ones who don't pull away.
24. It is possible to cross a country in under a day.
25. The beach, blue skies and hot sunshine are sacred.
26. Skype is the best thing in the world.
27. Our public transport is ridiculously cheap.
28. Our fashion is ridiculously lame.
29. Castles aren't just in fairy tales.
30. When someone says 'old building' they're talking way more than 50 yrs old.
31. What its like to live in an ancient culture that wasn't totally destoryed by England.
32. AFL players are more hardcore than you give them credit for.
33. People that love you don't stop loving you just because you're gone.
34. Stupid dramas can follow you thousands of miles.
35. No one cares as much about your clothes as you do.
36. Sometimes it's acceptable to paint yourself blue.
37. You like curry more than you think you do.
38. Crying isn't always a bad thing.
39. Smiling at strangers is not always considered normal, but do it anyway.
40. Talk to everyone, because someone is bound to be interested in what you have to say. Unless you're a politician... in which case why are you reading my blog?
41. Homesickness is one of the most random striking and painful things ever.
42. Don't eat the bread that's on the bench. It's their for the birds.
43. One of the things Australians are famous for are their sense of humour. Judging by this blog, the world has been grossly mislead.
44. Steve Irwin caused a huge setback in the way of Australia ever being taken seriously by the rest of the world.
45. Not all strangers are out to get you.
46. People don't always have to change to suit you.
47. Doing nice things for people isn't so hard.
48. It's far easier to be happy than upset.
49. Your mother is amazing. Never ever ever ever take that woman for granted, ever.
50. There is a huge difference between your house and your home.


  1. I most especially love the comment about your mother. Dont you ever forget it. You are growing up very quickly Gemma!

  2. "43. One of the things Australians are famous for are their sense of humour. Judging by this blog, the world has been grossly mislead."

    Hey, I find your writing really witty! Don't misjudge yourself.

    I hope you have fun on the rest of your exchange! Keep posting!