Sunday, 1 May 2011

I'm incostistant

Hey guys, sorry it's been a while since I wrote one of these things but even I get bored of my own thoughts sometimes. Anyways I thought that I should write another, a whole two months later because I have officially moved to stage 2 of my exchange. That is, I have moved to my second host family.
I packed and moved out of my old host family's house on Friday and have spent that last two days getting to know my new family, Elizabeth, Anders, Sarah (13) and Daniel (soon to be 10). Obviously, I have a new address, so the amazing people who keep sending me beautiful gifts will have to ask for the next address if they want me to get the presents :P which you should keep sending because they literally make my day :)
My new house is amazing, and in the cutest area where everyone is friends and they all just pop over for coffee and cake or a beer, its so cute. Not to mention the sun has finally decided to discover Denmark and its not soul-murderously cold anymore, as much, and the plants are beginning to flower and be green, so everywhere looks like a scene from a movie. And I have to ride my bike through a forest to get to school everyday, which might be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. You know how in Australia the only things that grow naturally are prickles and spiky bushes? Well here, instead of prickles, they have flowers. The floor of the forest is covered with tiny white flowers which make the whole thing look like a scene from some Disney cartoon, namely the Fox and the Hound, but the good parts of the movie where they are friends and not trying to kill each other.
I had so much crap when moving houses it was embarrassing. All my bags were full and I still needed a huge garbage bag to carry everything. I felt like one of those American girls (no offense Kitty/other yanks) you always see on movies who bring a hair straightener and 500 bags out to the bush. Though I'm unpacked in my beautiful room with all my letters on my walls and my flag hanging on my window, which makes me feel like a bogan, but it's almost a write of passage that its there :)
I had one week of school holidays, and then back to school. I spent most of the time going out with Kitty and Maria, or Bec and Laura, or staying at home and hosting lunch parties for Easter and Aase (my host mum's) birthday. Except Monday, where I went to the beach. Yes, I know. The beach. In Scandinavia. Which is always a good plan.
You know the water that melts on the bottom of an esky? You know how when you get into a waterfight and someone pours the water on you it is so cold it almost burns? well take that and double the coldness and thats what it was like. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. On the plus side I got ice-cream after, and the girls I went to the beach with were really cool :)
My Danish is getting better, though I am too nervous to really speak it, because for some reason it sounds great in my head but when I say it out loud it sounds like I'm trying to talk after getting a numbing needle from the dentist. Though most of the time I think in a mix of Danish and English, or Denglish. It is as confusing as it sounds.
Of course I miss everyone in Australia. I miss really random things, like kangaroos and curry. I miss being hot. Not warm, not comfortable, but hot. And I miss thongs. And the beach (a real beach with waves and not ice-water) and I miss the bush. I miss my sisters and my mum, it's weird when you live with someone for your whole life and then suddenly they're gone and you didn't realise how much you enjoyed their company, and I miss seeing my dad and my grandparents on a regular basis :P I miss talking to my boyfriend face to face and being able to say "see you tomorrow" when talking to my friends. But that's all part of the experience I guess :)
I'll try to be more consistent and entertaining with this blog in the future.

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