Monday, 28 February 2011

only about 1.5 months late but...

Hey... Well this is awkward...
I've FINALLY decided to follow my fellow exchangese crowd and being to write a blog to document my time away this year.
I'm only like 1.5 months to late... but hey, I'm late to pretty much everything else I do anyway.
So basically I'll treat this as an introduction post. My name is Gemma and I'm from Perth, Australia, though until the beginning of January I'm on exchange in Denmark, the tiny country in Scandinavia where (Crown) Princess Mary lives, not the small town down south. Sorry to disappoint you if that's what you thought.
If you're wondering about the title of the blog, it is because I can literally owe this year to an advertisement for student exchange in a Girlfriend Magazine, for those who don't know, it's a teenage girl's magazine which normally has the intellectual insight of an apple. Nonetheless,  it technically changed my life, so far.
Anyway. Right now it has been exactly 43 days since I left home, or 1024 hours, or 61,440 minutes and I'm not going to be bothered to figure out the seconds. And I'd estimate I've loved approximately 61,340 minutes of it.
My family that I am staying with is the Kongbaks, my host mum is Aase, my father Morten and my brother Peter. They are really nice people and I'm pretty lucky to be living with them right now :)
I attend Rungsted Gymnasium in the 1st year, and right now I'm sitting in psychology, which is taught in Danish, blatantly ignoring my teacher to write this. You're welcome. This good thing about Danish schools is they treat teenagers like adults. No sites are blocked, to the extent that I'm relatively sure I could access RedTube if I wanted to risk drawing too much attention. And I get breaks every like 45 mins. And my classes are cancelled quite regularly.
Of course, I miss my friends and family back home, I'm not sure if that's something thats really avoidable. But I've found the best way to combat that is by keeping myself busy. And trust me, baby, I've been busy ;)
Ok not in that way. In the way that I'm pretty much always doing something, which is good. Except that generally means I'm always tired, or at least hungry.
One of the ways I keep myself busy I tend to do unintentionally. And that is getting lost. So far, I've managed to get lost a total of 6 times... which is one short of being once a week. And I don't mean looking around for a bit before turning around lost. I mean full scale talking for hours and getting hysterical sort of lost. The kind where you return home and people are just short of calling the navy to search the sea for your body, and you weren't even swimming.
The most dramatic incident occurred when I was meant to start my first day at language school, which was in a town about an hour out of Hørsholm, where I live. For starters, I left the house an hour late and had to catch the later bus. I got off at the stop and wandered around this town for about an hour or two until it got dark looking for the school, asking numerous people where to go and accidentally walking into a hospital ward. I eventually decided to call one of the people at the school so she could direct me, but I didn’t know where I was so I had to stop a random man on the street to tell my teacher where I was. At this point, I discovered I was in the wrong town altogether, and my teacher suggested I just go home. I caught the train home, but in my fluster, forgot to buy a ticket, and when the train guards came, I had to ask a 17 yr old guy to translate what had happened for me, and he couldn't stop laughing the whole time. By the time I returned home my whole family was chucking the shits. But it wasn't technically my fault. It was the Danish transport system.
And on that note I leave my first post, lunch is starting and I'm losing interest fast. And lets be honest, you've lost interest too.

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